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How it all started......

JDI Life Skills began with volunteering in communities and assisting with At-Risk Youth Programs. The gathering of family, friends and teammates has also always been a great time to practice giving back to the community as a duty. JDI Life Skills primary purpose is to create a supportive environment, which enables individuals to perform to their highest potential.  JDI Life Skills actively values different backgrounds and perspectives, fostering teamwork among communities and maximizing contributions to the mission of JDI Life Skills. This is done by providing assistance and overall support as "WE" help individuals in attaining their goals."WE" come together to exchange ideas that have a positive and meaningful impact on individuals and their community.

Wesley and Matthew Tyler began the journey by working for the family owned Businesses and with the local churches, community group homes and inner-city youth programs while growing up and experiencing the various communities from Greensboro, North Carolina to Los Angeles, CA. Wesley and Matthew quickly both became aware of and advocates for, life skills and the lack of life skills effects that are tolled on individuals and families. Since graduating high school they have devoted their life to helping struggling youth, particularly because of the high demand for positive black male guidance and the need to help guide youth to be their best and not worst. JDI Life Skills achieves this goal by drawing from experiences as they relate to knowledge, behaviors, poverty, scholastic struggles, sports, and various obstacles which radiates dynamic and inspiring services that relate to many people across all echelons.Wesley and Matthew Tyler are the archetype of hard work, drive, determination, and successful brothers that enjoy helping others and have fun at seeing others have fun with life. These brothers give all thanks to their family, friends and loved ones who have had a tremendous impact on their lives, as well as those who provided them with the ability to broaden their minds and further strengthen their steadfastness to empower others in their pursuits of greatness. Their commitment to community activism has been long standing and passed down from generations. 

Wesley graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a bachelors degree in Marketing and double minor in Communications and African American Studies. As an undergraduate student he interned at Walt Disney World as a freshman and played on the UNCG Spartan Club football team sophomore and junior yr. After graduating UNCG he and his brother Matthew traveled back to Los Angeles and the Inland Empire of California to assist with their grandfather launch of his non-profit helping youth. Wesley and Matthew passion and training was learned in the community, helping individuals and families throughout the Carolina’s and California with various services from Pre and Post Gang Prevention, Rape Prevention, Big Brother Big Sister, 1-on-1 Mentoring, Community Support Services and Intensive In-Home Services. Shortly after, Wesley went on to receive a Master’s of Business Administration from University of Phoenix with a concentration in Global Management and an Associates in Drafting and Design from ITT Technical Institute. Community Service and Sports continued to be driving vehicles to assist positive change, being so Wesley became a Qualified Mental Health Professional and Vice President for the Charlotte Panthers Youth Football League. Matthew Tyler graduated with an associates in Aviation and developed further skilled trades in Aviation Aeronautical Engineering. Later on he served in the Air Force and furthered his skills in Aviation while building a family owned and operated Aviation Detail Service in the Carolinas. As Malcom X once stated, "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." 

The culmination of those efforts resulted in the development of JDI Life Skills. This program targets youth, individuals and families by improving their life skills and increasing their self-esteem through remedies from the effects of adverse societal influences plaguing both young and old.  It is from this platform that creates JDI Life Skills; a group of committed people finding solutions to help individuals live a better life through goal framing and helping to reform their perceptions of life and learning.

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